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One heartbreaking ordeal which anyone could ever experience is having to sit in a doctor's office and receive that diagnosis that reveals that you're positive to Herpes, it's absolutely saddening. This feeling is made worse when you realize that this health condition may have absolutely taken you away from the dating scene. However, all hope is not lost, as having genital herpes does not put an absolute halt to your possibility of finding love and having fun. Even with this condition, there are desirable qualities which you possess that others fancy. Again, you should know that your not alone in this condition, about 20% of US adult have herpes and I doubt they are all putting their lives on hold due to this scalable obstacle. So if you have been diagnosed of with herpes and you're such as looking for love, fun, and adventure, there are some sites where you can meet people who have similar wishes as you do, such as;

This is one of such sites where you can kick things up and begin that journey. It is a dating community that is devoted to singles who have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus(HPV). On the site, singles have the freedom to discuss their health in an open mind environment that is private as well as friendly.

Registering and creating a profile on the site takes about a minute. It also has a Quicksearch feature which enables you to seek out viable dating prospects who are closest to you. The site also has a quick exit feature which allows new users who may be at loss at how to begin a conversation break the ice by enabling them pass note to a person of interest.

This site takes seriously the private information of daters who subscribe to it and would not release any private information to any third party without the express permission of its members.

A number of plans are offered on this platform a one month plan, a three-month plan and a six months plan, which goes for as 50cents per day which gives unlimited access to chat rooms.

This is a dating site for people with the virus. It's is an acronym for Meet People with Herpes. It makes it membership strictly available to those with HSV -1 and HSV -2. It's immaterial what relationship status you have whether you're married or in a committed relationship. It makes available a profile verification option and packs a number of privacy setting which you can adjust to suit your taste. Like a conventional dating site, it packs some features which make it an experience to enjoy such as video introduction and private albums.

It has a free membership plan which only gives you access to half the site's features, an upgrade to a higher paid plan unlocks the rest feature for the best experience.


This is yet another dating site, it, however, is not exclusive to people with herpes rather it is open to members of the public who have other STDs as well, who are searching for some real connection.

Signing up is easy, although it's form has lot of fields to fill, as well as some open-ended questions. It requires that you state what kind of STD you may have. H-mate is similar to regular dating sites which sets its goal at helping people with these conditions to find something real.

It gives it's users the freedom to upload unlimited pictures as well as other cool features such as video introduction, a browse and search feature which allows for other users and a matchmaking feature.

The site does not possess a modern interface like most current site but on the plus side it neither has no paid membership not does it take donations, it is totally free to use.


Being happy is a choice that is available to anyone who is determined to make that decision and although we might not have been dealt a choice card, making the most of what we have is a choice anyone can make. Hence anyone can still put themselves out there and be happy, a person limit is that which he or she puts restricts himself to.

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